How To Clean An Air Condition Drain Line And System.

clean air condition drain line

It is very important that annually you attend to maintain AC system drain line. Failure to do so can bring about an enormous problem such as water damage to your property and homes it left unattended. There are a number of ways to clean the drain line and these are some simple tips to follow to ensure your air condition is rightly cleaned. The first thing you are to do is replace the HVAC filters regularly say every 30 days to avoid the filters getting dirty. When this happens little  dirty substances  can block the evaporation coil, then dust settles into the air condition draining system.

You can also flush the AC drain two times in a yesr using warm water,  pour water through the air condition system. compressed air can also be blown through the lines. Usually you can consult a home depot for smaller diameter tubes than the normal diameter lines, add it to the pump sprayer. The sprayer should be filled with hot water sprayed directly into the AC drain, pushing everything stuck inside out from the system. The use of Nu Calgon Condensate tablets is also very efficient; they are small tum sized tablets that you can place into your air condition evaporator drain every month.

It is best you make your drain flow away in a direction not in the way of the system, this prevents the drain from being knocked out from the AC drains in the system flowing in a different direction. Many at time this is usually caused by someone inadvertently bringing about a misalignment to the air condition draining system whiles working close by. Another way is having your air conditioned system serviced at least twice in a year; this should be done by your AC sales person or contractor as they are capable of having the right tools for the work. And if there is a service agreement you need not worry about any leakage again.